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Monday, April 13, 2009

Way to be classy, Fox News.

Dear Glenn Beck: Please die already.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vegas - Day 1

Well, day 1 didn't really involve Vegas. Paul and I hit the road around noon. After a very lengthy detour in Lehi to get to Wendy's (those guys are bastards): and may I interrupt this blog to talk about this for a moment? Ya know how you're cruising down the freeway and you see the different signs advising you of what Gas, Hotel, and Food options you have at the next exit? Well, the Lehi exit advertises a Wendy's! So we took the exit.....and saw a sign that said we had to turn left to get to Wendy's.

....................10 f**king miles later, we finally arrive at the Goddamned Wendy's. And the pimply faced kid at the window couldn't tell us how to get back to the freeway...he didn't even know what direction it was. Dumbass.

Okay...we got food, detour wasn't this point we pretty much bee-lined it to Mesquite, Nevada and the Casa Blanca hotel/casino.

After a stop at the local Wal-Mart for windshield wipers, case of Red Bull, and a bag of pizza-flavored Combo snacks, we got our drink on and settled in. Our goal was to stay here the first night....cheaper rooms, cheaper drinks, and cheaper gambling.

Everything about our stay was true except cheaper gambling. I literally hemorrhaged cash on slot machines. I was so bummed. I had this fantasy of winning some moderate jackpot in Mesquite that would pay for my Vegas hotel room and my concert tickets..which were a total of.....well, I'm just not ready to discuss that. But yeah...recovering those costs wasn't happening. $300 later, I decided to stop gambling.

Highlight of the night - Mind you, this was Valentine's the buffet that night, we witnessed a couple who had just got married walk into the buffet with several of their wedding guests. and a buffet at the Casa Blanca Casino in Mesquite....kickass.

Next up....Day 2

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going to Vegas to meet Maynard

Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Maynard James Keenan, lead singer of Tool. Currently he is working on a solo project known as Puscifer....Maynard is playing his first Puscifer shows this weekend in Vegas. I pondered going, but nobody was interested. Last weekend, they released some really sweet front row tickets - I got the email about it while I was sitting at my computer and I could've had some front row seats!!! But again....I chickened out.

Well, last night, I got the following email from the Puscifer mailing list:

Just announced! A very limited number (and we can't underscore enough how limited and rare these tickets are) of VIP tickets to this weekend's Puscifer shows in Las Vegas. The shows are Feb. 13, 14 and 15 at The Pearl in The Palms Casino.

Each VIP ticket entitles the holder to:
* Premium seat
* Signed bottle of wine
* Meet and greet before show (with the entire Puscifer collective, including Maynard)

* Signed commemorative poster

They had me at "Meet". I couldn't hold back any longer. I bought two tickets without even knowing who I'd invite, where I'd stay, how I'd get there, etc..

Turns out I got pretty good seats as you can see in this seating chart of the Pearl theater at the Palms Casino:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Plane Crash Reports

For those of you who recall, our river rafting group came across a plane crash during our trip last year - see this blog entry here -

The FAA finally released their reports on the plane wreck, but in a nutshell, they blame the pilot for poor decision making which the pilot himself admitted:

Probable cause statement -

Full Factual Report -